Tarpon off the Deep End of Cayo Costa

May 01, 2015 by Russ Walker

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Tide Walker Charters had the pleasure of hosting the former State Representative along with his family yesterday in his quest to land a MONSTER SILVER KING TARPON.
Early out, we anchored on the deep end of the island gulf side. Setting out a spread of live pinfish on floated lines and a Free Line with the largest bait, we wait. What a beautiful morning. The turquoise water beckoned us to comment on its beauty.
Without warning, a giant leaps from the water throwing the suspended Pinfish bait skyward. Like polished chrome the fish glowed from the morning sun in his attempt to feed.
DAM! He missed it. What a sight!
We baited back up. The seconds tick by. Our eyes scanned the water downstream the tidal current, the bright orange cork disappears as the 8’ Free Line rod bends double in the rack. Richard grabs the rod as he braces against the drag of the outgoing line.

Chrome and Silver mixed with light,
Surface boils, commence the fight.

Titan shuns hooks bite of steel,
A pounding heart is all I feel.

Sun-ward leaps to rid the sting,
Thrashing tough, it takes to wing.

Ancient warrior turns to fight,
Water foams, reel screams delight.

The rod tip bounces. Richard cranks the handle of the big 750 Penn Spin fisher spinning reel in a fury to come tight against the beast. “Jab ‘em! Hit him again,” my voice cracks with a rush of adrenaline. A 5 and a half foot surface- to-air- Tarpon missile launches in defiance. The gill plates shake and rattle like a threatened diamondback as the Giant Silver King tail walks across the water. Again he jumps trying to shake the hook.
After three great runs and dozens of crosses under the boat we finally got him alongside.
Then, we released him.  He earned his Tide Walker Charters “Catch and Release Certificate.”
What an incredible fight, what an incredible fish, What an incredible thing had just happened. The time of his life! It’s the rush that keeps us coming back time and time again.
Unbeknownst to me, Richard was recovering from a shoulder injury but I didn’t hear him complaining…until afterwards, that is.
He stood there shaking. It was 85 degrees, yet his whole body was shaking like a bent drive shaft. WOW! He said. That was unbelievable. We had him at 66” so that makes him right at 110 pounds of Silver King memory.Guess that’s why we do this.
His lovely wife had filmed the whole thing on video cause there wasn’t much time for us to anything else.
This played out a couple more times without hook-ups but we did catch a couple of Atlantic sharp-nosed sharks to release. About 3.5 footers I guess.
So Till Next Tide.
Oh, I just got this email from Richard this morning:
Man, I Just wanted to thank you for making the day so special. It was the best trip I was ever on. We all had a great time.
See you next year. Wife is going to get your chart art work framed along with the Tide Walker Catch & Release certificate for me.
When we get home we will somehow get the video to you of the Tarpon. What a powerful, beautiful fish. Really amazing.
Kind Regards, Richard.
Call Captain Russ. Now It’s Your Tide to Shine!

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