Top Targeted Большая рыболовля Species Fishing in Аруба

Корифена (Махи-махи)

Ваху (колючая пеламида)


Синий марлин (атлантический голубой)

Что говорят о Большая рыболовля Fishing in Aruba

"3/4 day trip with captain Mike and deck hand Thomas. "

Robert Muller fished with Kristel Fishing Aruba - 44’ Striker on May 19, 2018

I have been deep sea fishing about 30 times and this captain and more importantly, deck hand, were the best I have worked with. I sent some friends to this crew also and they said they were incredible too. I recommend these guys for every fishing trip you ever take.

"6hr. trip with captain Sergio"

Gerald Julian fished with Tequila Charters Aruba on March 19, 2018

We did not quite make the 6 hours due to the rough water, but it was a fantastic time. The captain and the first mate very attentive, helpful and answered all of our questions. Cleaned and filleted our catch. Wahoo very good, but the Barracuda was exceptional! We would highly recommend this experience to any and all who would like to deep sea fish.

"Half day trip with Nell and Joel"

John Pajk fished with Thaisa II - 36 ft Bertram on October 26, 2017

We headed out at 6:45 am, caught tuna and mahi-mahi, learned more about Aruba then we knew before. This was our 10th time on the island. The captain and his first mate were outstanding. Would highly recommend anyone coming to Aruba and wishing to deep sea fish, contact Thaisa II.

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