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Корифена (Махи-махи)


Ваху (колючая пеламида)

Белый марлин

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"14 years fishing with Juan and Salas"

fished with Gardi Crew on April 5, 2018

I have been fishing in playa for 14 years. I have had over 100 trips with Juan and Salas. Yesterday we caught eight amberjack in two hours. The trip before we caught one sailfish, one blackfin tuna iand an amberjack. Both days we only deep water jigged. Good guys who like to catch fish. They will always be my only choice from the Playa Panga fleet.

"4 hrs deep sea fish"

Sirada Norman fished with Amigo Fishing on April 3, 2018

Our original planned was 6 hrs deep sea fishing. We ran into some problem but Maneul and his crew were really helpful and really accommodate our trip. We ended up with only 4hrs because we insisted and wanted to go fishing. We ended up with a great trip. We caught a lot of Bonitoes, Tunas, Mahi and Baracuda. The captain and his maid were really great with what they 're doing. Enjoy the trip.

"3/4 Day With Riccardo and Big Dog"

Spencer Fargey fished with Fishing Al Gusto on February 25, 2018

Caught a ton of fish, though the weather wasn't great for deep sea, lots of seaweed on the top as the tide changed. We caught a big trigger fish and had ceviche on the boat! It was great! The boat was full of beers and drinks when we got there! Definitely recommend!

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